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2016-12-08 10:12 Routes from/to/through Italy: Due to the implementation of the new Italian Free Route aispace (FRAIT) RouteFinder now attempts to insert DCT segments as needed avove FL330 over Italy. Other nearby countries have implemented similar changes, these will be implemented, too, as soon as resources allow.
The system is slower due to higher workload and complexity of the airway structure, please bear with us as we will need some time to optimize things..

2016-11-10 10:11 Routes from/to/through Austria and Slovenia: Due to the implementation of the new Slovenian-Austrian cross-border Free Route Airspace (SAXFRA) almost all airways in Austria and Slovenia were removed. RouteFinder now attempts to insert DCT segments as needed.

2016-07-15 04:07 Please don't use an @AOL.COM e-mail address during subscription, unfortunately AOL has unilaterally decided that they will never ever accept any e-mail from us, so we would not be able to contact you. We regret AOL's decision, especially as we cannot see any sensible reason to justify this service interruption.

2015-05-15 04:05 Routes from/to/through Hungary: Due to Free Route Airspace (all airways in Hungary were removed) RouteFinder now attempts to insert DCT segments as needed.

2013-09-22 18:09 In case the system still says "account expired" after a renewal: please click on "Log out", then try to log in again.

2006-04-08 06:04 Please note that some airports (more and more of them lately in Europe) have arrival connecting points that cannot be reached from cruising level. If you find that the system does not use the correct arrival, or if it can't find a route at all, try specifying a lower limit in the route request. For example, instead of FL330 - FL330, try FL230 - FL330.

2005-08-21 15:08 PMDG 747-400 export routine added - Tested with version 1.02

2005-01-02 14:01 RouteFinder user's manual is online (PDF version); see section "Documents" on the main site (

2004-08-23 09:08 Wilco's Boeing 767 PIC export added

2004-08-02 09:08 X-Plane 7.30 export added

2004-08-01 16:08 PMDG737 export added

2004-07-31 14:07 FSNavigator export added; should work with versions 3.xx and 4.xx.

2004-02-08 10:02 Warning about firewall software: It was reported that some personal firewall software (e.g. Norton Personal Firewall) may interfere with the operation of the system. Should you notice missing links or corrupted pages, this could be a possible cause - however please be careful if you choose to disable your security filters.

2003-12-07 18:12 RouteFinder (commercial version) is now operative at: During its initial operating period the site will offer auto-routing, database query, NOTAM and dynamically generated charting for a subscription price of 15 EUR for 6 months.