About RouteFinder

This is a quick IFR route planner with some associated tools to aid Pilots and Flight Dispatchers in their daily job.
The database and technologies are provided by ASA srl, an Italian Computer Flight plan Service Provider (CFSP) for private pilots and commercial aircraft operators.

Data coverage is worldwide, however the system has special provisions to help working with IFR routes in Europe.

Online since 1997, the RouteFinder was initially meant to provide basic airway routings for personal entertainment with PC based Flight Simulators.
The system is now flexible enough to be a good help for quick flight quoting and creation of valid IFR routes.

Overview of features

Flight PlannerIFR route generator with calculation of total flight time and fuel burn, based on actual wind forecasts or historical data.
The generated route can be "shaped" by setting constraints (e.g. avoid or force points) or edited manually.
The flight plan can be validated with Eurocontrol/NM to verify whether it may be successfully filed for an actual flight.
View the list of available aircraft types.
Export FPLThe routing can be exported in several formats
e.g. Garmin avionics, Textual report, Flight Simulators
DatabaseQuery the aeronautical database for: Airports, VOR/DME, NDB, Waypoints, Airways, Airspace
NOTAMAccess to the NOTAM database (worldwide realtime feed provided by Eurocontrol/EAD)
e.g. by Airport, FIR, NOTAM number, text search

NOTE: User interface is not yet optimized for mobile devices

Legacy features
These functions are kept for the benefit of long time users who may still find them useful

Auto-RoutingBasic IFR route generator similar to the version available in the "free" section.
This version can avoid specified route segments and report a list of potential RAD (Eurocontrol) restrictions on the route.
Older AIRAC cycles remain available, mainly for usage with flight simulators.
ChartingGeneration of SVG charts (Enroute-chart style) from the aeronautical database.

The system is available upon activation of a subscription at the nominal price of 15 EUR for 6 months.

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