About RouteFinder

Since 1997 RouteFinder offers a set of tools for IFR route planning to be used exclusively in a flight simulation environment. The database and technologies are provided by ASA srl (Italy) which is a computer flight plan service provider (CFSP).

Data coverage is worldwide, however the database is tailored for flight simulation usage and is not guaranteed to be updated in realtime as in the case of an operational system.


Auto-RoutingRoute generator similar to the version available in the "free" section, but with some added capabilities to avoid specified route segments and report a list of potential restrictions on the generated route
Flight Planner (experimental)New route generator with map display and calculation of total flight time and fuel usage. The generated route can be changed manually.
FMS ExportPlain text, SquawkBox, Flight Simulator 200X, FSNavigator, PMDG 737, X-Plane 7.30, Wilco's 767 PIC / Level-D 767
ChartingGeneration of SVG charts (Enroute-chart style) of any area of the globe. Each graphical feature is linked to the database (see below), so that with a mouse click it is possible to reveal more detailed informations.
Current limitations - big maps (e.g. entire Europe) may not be practical to plot with all information layers selected (performance considerations of the SVG Viewer).
DatabasePossibility to query the aeronautical database for: Airports, VOR/DME, NDB, Waypoints, Airways, Airspace.
NOTAMPossibility to query the NOTAM database (e.g. to know all applicable NOTAMs for an airport, FIR, or to search for particular text / NOTAM number)

The system is available upon activation of a subscription at the price of 15 EUR for 6 months.
You may follow a quick tour of some available features by using this link: Demo / Tour

PLEASE NOTE that this system MUST NOT be used for operative (real world) flight planning!
Contact us (rfinder at asalink.net) if you are interested in an operative flight planning solution.